Amelia of Great Britain

“A parcel of old maids” – The daughters of George III

This article was written by Eleanor. George III is, perhaps, one of England’s most well-known of monarchs – the famously “Mad King George” who lost America. However, less well-known are the intricacies of his family life, particularly with regards to his six daughters. King George’s feuds with and dislike of his sons, particularly his heir [read more]

Charlotte of Monaco

Princess Charlotte – The illegitimate daughter

Charlotte wasn’t born a Princess and at the time of her birth nobody probably even imagined the role she would go on to play. She was born as Charlotte Louise Juliette Louvet on 30 September 1898 as the illegitimate daughter of Marie Juliette Louvet, a cabaret singer and Louis Grimaldi, who was at the time [read more]