Maria Theresia of Austria

The Battle of Mollwitz – A victory for Maria Theresa

The Battle of Mollwitz occurred on 10 April 1741 between Prussia and Austria. At this point, Austria was in the beginning stages of the War of the Austrian Succession. It took place in Mollowitz, Silesia, which is modern-day Małujowice, Poland. Prussia’s King Frederick II, who came to the throne just three months before Maria Theresa, fought his first battle here and would come [read more]

The Royal Women

Amanishakheto – Warrior Queen of Nubia

The birth or death date of Kandake (the word for queen in the Meroitic language) Amanishakheto is not known; however, it is believed that she reigned in the first century somewhere between 10 BC to 1 AD after succeeding Queen Amanirenas. It is important to note that exact dates of the Kushites are uncertain until the Middle Ages. Most recognise Amanishakheto by her jewellery collection found in her pyramid at Meroë (present-day Sudan) in [read more]