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Christina of Denmark

Christina of Denmark – The young widow

Christina of Denmark was born in November of 1521 to Christian II of Denmark and Isabella of Austria. Just over a year later her father was forced to abdicate, and the family fled into exile to Veere in the Netherlands. She and her brother and sister were raised by the Governors of the Netherlands, Margaret [read more]

Margaret Maid of Norway

Queens Regnant – Margaret, Maid of Norway

Margaret, the Maid of Norway, was born on 9 April 1283 to Eric II of Norway and Margaret of Scotland. Her mother was the daughter of Alexander III of Scotland and Margaret of England. She tragically died giving birth to her daughter. She was just 22 years old. At the time of her mother’s marriage to [read more]


Castle Moyland in Bedburg-Hau, Germany

Last week I visited Schloss or Castle Moyland in Germany for a Christmas market. The Castle itself is beautiful, but I have yet been unable to find a connection to a royal woman, so I’m posting this as an extra article this Saturday. It might be connected to Anne of Cleves, or other women of [read more]


Catherine of Poděbrady – a life cut short

Catherine of Poděbrady and her twin sister Sidonie were born on 11 November 1449 at Poděbrady to King of Bohemia George and his first wife Kunigunde of Šternberk. Kunigunde died giving birth to her and her sister. Wedding negotiations began for her when she was just nine years old. She married Matthias Corvinus on 1 May 1463 at the [read more]