Queen Victoria in her Journal – 14 December 1878

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Queen Victoria in her Journal – 14 December 1878

This terrible day come round around again1! Slept tolerably, but awoke very often, constantly seeing darling Alice2 before me. When I woke in the morning, was not for a moment aware of all our terrible anxiety. And then it all burst upon me. I asked for news but nothing had come. Then got up and went, as I always do on this day, to the Blue Room3 and prayed there. When dressed, I went into my sitting room for breakfast, and met Brown coming in with two bad telegrams: I looked first at one from Louis4, which I did not at first take in, saying: ‘Poor Mama, poor me, my happiness is gone, dear, dear Alice. God’s will be done.’ (I can hardly write it!) The other from Sir William Jenner saying: ‘Grand Duchess became suddenly worse soon after midnight, since then could no longer take any food.’ Directly after, came another with the dreadful tidings that darling Alice sank gradually and passed away at half past 7 this morning! It was too awful I had so hoped against hope. Went to Bertie’s sitting room. His despair was great. As I kissed him, he said, ‘It is the good who are always taken.’ That this dear, talented, distinguished, tender-hearted, noble-minded, sweet child, who behaved so admirably during her father’s illness, and afterwards, in supporting me, and helping me in every possible way, should be called back to her father on this very anniversary, seems most incredible, and most mysterious. To me there seems something touching in the union which this brings, their names being forever united on this day of their birth into another better world.5

  1. The anniversary of Prince Albert’s death
  2. Her daughter Princess Alice
  3. Where Prince Albert had died
  4. Her son-in-law Louis, the Grand Duke of Hesse and Alice’s husband
  5. Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals

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  1. Queen Victoria is such a larger than life character.I have loved learning about her.Theo Aronson first introduced me to her.As a South African living in Cape Town, I was fascinated by a Victorian post box preserved on the sloped of table mountain.I went to the local library and found Theo Aronsons book,and my love for all things Victoria started.That was 38 yes ago..Was good to read your article.Thank you

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