Queen Victoria in her Journal – 13 December 1878

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Queen Victoria in her Journal – 13 December 1878

Terribly anxious day, just like ’61 and ’71, At a little after 11 came a telegram from Louis1, which gave me an awful shock. ‘Jenner has just seen Alice2, is consulting with doctors. He does not despair, but I see no hope; my prayers are exhausted.’ This upset me too dreadfully… Dear Beatrice3 and I felt nearly hopeless. My distress great. Walked down to the dear peaceful mausoleum. Just beyond Frogmore, we met a footman with a telegram. Stopped and read it. It was Sir William (Jenner) and bore bad tidings: ‘Disease in wind-pipe extended, difficulty of breathing at times considerable; gravity of condition increased since I last telegraphed. Restlessness very great.’ Too dreadful! Could settle down to nothing, agony great. Lenchen4 came to luncheon. All so terribly anxious, hoping – fearing.5

  1. Her son-in-law Louis, the Grand Duke of Hesse
  2. Her daughter Princess Alice
  3. Her daughter Princess Beatrice
  4. Her daughter Princess Helena
  5. Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals

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