From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – 29 April 1882

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From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – Windsor Castle, 29 April 1882

(Describing Prince Leopold’s1 wedding to Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont)

Truly glad would I have been to have seen you here, dearest child, as you may well believe – but I could not have lodged you, and every single corner was full; not a mouse could have been put in. And then as I naturally wished to give the Waldecks the pas – above all other princes and princesses (the King and Queen of the Netherlands excepted) I felt it might not do, as I knew how very particular they are at Berlin about these things.

She answered so plainly and distinctly much louder than he did – that it was heard all through the Chapel. The King of the Netherlands is as quiet and unobtrusive as possible; a totally altered man and totally owing to her. She2 is charming, so amiable, kind, friendly and cheerful. She would be very pretty were it not for her complexion which has suffered very much from the damp climate and is very red. The little sister of Helena is a darling and such a handsome child.3

  1. Her son
  2. Queen Emma – the bride’s sister
  3. Roger Fulford – Dearest Mama

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