Go-Sakuramachi of Japan

Empresses Regnant of Japan – Empress Go-Sakuramachi

Empress Go-Sakuramachi was the last of eight Empresses Regnant of Japan. Before her accession to the throne, she was known as Toshiko. She was born on 23 September 1740 as the second daughter of Emperor Sakuramachi and Nijō Ieko. Her elder sister Noriko died in childhood in 1746. Her younger half-brother was Prince Toohito, later [read more]

Genmei of Japan

Empresses Regnant of Japan – Empress Genmei

Before Empress Genmei succeeded as Empress Regnant of Japan, she was known by her personal Abe-Hime. She was born around 662 as the fourth daughter of Emperor Tenji and Mei-no-Iratsume. She became the consort of her cousin Crown Prince Kusakabe no Miko, and they had two daughters and a son together. Her father abdicated in [read more]