From Queen Victoria to the Princess Royal – 29 January 1859

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From Queen Victoria to the Princess Royal – Windsor Castle, 29 January 1859

God be praised for all his mercies, and for bringing you safely through this awful time!1 Our joy, our gratitude knows no bounds.

My precious darling, you suffered much more than I ever did – and how I wish I could have lightened them for you! Poor dear Fritz2– how he will have suffered for you! I think and feel much for him; the dear little boy if I could but see him for one minute, give you one kiss. It is hard, very hard. But we are so happy, so grateful! And people here are all in ecstasies – such pleasure, such delight – as if it was their own prince and so it is too! All the children so delighted! You will and must feel so thankful all is over! But don’t be alarmed for the future, it never can be so bad again! Your’s and baby’s healthy were drunk on Thursday evening and the Sydneys were here!

We are starting for Wellington College and so I must stop. God bless and protect you. Dear Papa is so happy too.3

  1. The Princess Royal had just given birth to her first child and it was a very dangerous birth
  2. the Princess Royal’s husband
  3. Roger Fulford – Dearest child

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