Women of Orange Exhibition at the Jan Cunen Museum in Oss

Photo by Moniek Bloks

The Women of Orange – Portraits of Five Queens Exhibition in Oss in the Netherlands has only just opened two weeks and already looks like it’s going to be a great success. I visited on an early Saturday morning to beat the possible crowds. The museum has three floors and the second floor is entirely dedicated to the five Queens. I was quite pleasantly surprised by this, as I had sort of expected a single wall with five portraits. It was nothing of that kind!

I loved all the different styles of painting as we went through the times. The exhibition features five Queens of the Netherlands and it makes no difference between Regnant Queens and Queens consorts, which did make me wonder why not more Queens were included. The only ones missing are Wilhelmina of Prussia, Anna Pavlovna of Russia and Sophie of Württemberg. Why not go the extra mile to include the more unknown ones?

Besides the paintings, there are a few sculptures and a few personal items, such as Emma’s widow cap. Overall, I really enjoyed the exhibition. The exhibition also comes with a book, for the reasonable price of €16,95.






At the end of the exhibition, do stay to have a coffee and a treat. This Cunen Bol also features Queen (now Princess) Beatrix.

And don’t forget to go to the bathroom as these reflective works of art are in the hallway to the bathroom. These are also for sale as postcards.

The entrance fee is €9 and the Museum Card is accepted there. It is right by Oss’s train station and very easy to reach.

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  1. Very very interesting and would love to see it, yet living in the US it is not possible just now. I love the pictures of Princess Beatrix the best. This exhibit also shows the women in their times and how each is different from the other.

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