Books about Queen Mary I

Mary in 1544 (public domain)


Charles River Editors – Bloody Mary: The Life and Legacy of England’s Most Notorious Queen (US & UK)

Doran, Susan & Freeman, Thomas – Mary Tudor: Old and New Perspectives (US & UK)

Duffy, Eamon – Fires of Faith: Catholic England under Mary Tudor (US & UK)

Erickson, Carolly – Bloody Mary: The Life of Mary Tudor (US & UK)

Froude, James Anthony & Rhys, Ernest – The Reign of Mary Tudor (US & UK)

Loades, David – Mary Tudor (US & UK)

Porter, Linda – The First Queen of England: The Myth of “Bloody Mary” (US & UK)

Prescott, HFM – Mary Tudor, The Spanish Tudor (US & UK)

Slysz, Gregory – Mary Tudor, England’s first Queen Regnant. Truth is the Daughter of Time (US & UK)

Weir, Alison – The Children of Henry VIII (US & UK)

Whitelock, Anna – Mary Tudor: England’s First Queen (US & UK)


Lee, Julianne – Her Mother’s Daughter: a Novel of Queen Mary Tudor (US & UK)

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