Othilde of Saxony – An elusive Countess

Othilde or Othelindis is one of the more unknown Countesses of Holland. She was possibly the daughter of the Duke of Saxony or the daughter of a Bernard, Margrave of the Nordmark. It is quite possible that she was, at least, from Saxony as she returned there after she was widowed.

She married Dirk III, Count of Holland and they had two sons together – yet another Dirk and Floris. They had at least one daughter, and she was named Bertrade or Bertrada. Several other children are also possible, but their names are simply not left to us. Dirk ruled Holland from 993 until 1039, but like his wife, his life is mostly unknown. Upon his death in 1039, Dirk was buried in Egmond Abbey.

Othilde returned to Saxony after her husband’s death and probably died there on 31 March 1044. She probably spent her last years at Quedlinburg Abbey and found her final resting place there as well.

Unfortunately, Othilde is destined to remain an elusive figure to us.1

  1. E.H.P. Cordfunke – Gravinnen van Holland

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  1. Othilde is a family name in one of my lineages. Now I know the origin. Thank you. I don’t believe anyone since 1930 has been named Othilde.

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