Introducing The Queens Regnant Series

joanna castile
Joanna of Castile circa 1500 (public domain)

“A queen regnant (plural: queens regnant) is a female monarch who reigns in her own right, in contrast to a queen consort, who is the wife of a reigning king, or a queen regent, who is the guardian of a child monarch reigning temporarily in their stead” —

Starting this Monday, I’ll be introducing History of Royal Women’s first official series! I will be writing about as many Queen Regnant’s as I can, but for now, I will be focusing on Europe as I realise there are many ancient monarchies which had female rulers, as well as countries in Africa and Asia. However, I know very little about them, and I would not feel comfortable writing about them (yet). We’ll see what happens in the future.

I will be hopping through time and countries so that we don’t get bored too easily! Also, I’ve written about some Queen Regnant’s before, so they will not be included again in this series. However, I will make an overview post with those articles to link to this series. I will begin the series with Joanna of Castile, or ‘the Mad’ as she became known.

And if you’re wondering where my regular Friday post is, I’ve got a little Halloween post planned for tomorrow!

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