Eleonora Arborea
Eleanor of Arborea

Eleanor of Arborea – Sardinia’s Queen and Heroine

In the Middle Ages, the Italian island of Sardinia was divided into four regions known as “judicates” or “giudicati”.  Each of these regions was ruled by a ruler known as a “judge”.  The judges were princes rather than administers of justice.  The four provinces of Sardinia were Torres (or Logudoro), Cagliari, Gallura, and Arborea.  During [read more]

Arwa bint Ahmad

Asma bint Shihab – The eclipsed Queen

Asma bint Shihab has been regarded as one of Yemen’s greatest queens. While deeply respected by her contemporaries, historians often tend to overlook her story in favour of her more famous daughter-in-law, Queen Arwa. She ruled alongside her husband, her son, and his wife in shaping state politics and handling vast sums of money for [read more]


Queens Regnant – Ranavalona III of Madagascar

The future Ranavalona III of Madagascar was born as Princess Razafindrahety as the daughter of  Andriantsimianatra and his wife, Princess Raketaka on 22 November 1861. When she was older, she was taken into the custody of her aunt, Queen Ranavalona II, who made sure that Razafindrahety was given a private education. At an unknown date, she [read more]

wilhelmina emma
Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont

Queens Regent – Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont

A regent is “a person appointed to administer a state because the monarch is a minor, is absent or is incapacitated.” Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont was born on 2 August 1858 as the daughter of Georg Viktor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont, and Princess Helena of Nassau. On 7 January 1879, she married King William III of [read more]