Isabella of Aragon – A lost legacy (Part one)

The future Queen Isabella I of Castile had made a daring choice by marrying the future King Ferdinand II of Aragon against the wishes of her half-brother King Henry IV of Castile and even proudly displayed the bloodstained sheets to the waiting officials after the wedding night. Isabella and her half-brother had a volatile relationship [read more]

Anna of Austria

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom and Crown of Castile

The Kingdom of Castile was established in 1065 under King Sancho II of León and Castile. Ferdinand I of León had been Count of Castile and he became King of León by right of his wife, Sancha of León. He became King of León and Castile in 1037 and upon his death in 1065, Castile and León were divided among his [read more]

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Isabella of Portugal – “profunda tristeza”

Written by EvaMarie Rush. In 1700, an entire Royal dynasty came to a crashing end with the death of Charles II of Spain. After sixteen generations of inbreeding, his mental illness and extreme physical deformities rendered him unable to produce an heir. This inherited insanity was often thought to have originated with Joanna of Castile [read more]