History of Royal Women – The Year 2018

Photo by Moniek Bloks

The top 10 best-viewed articles of this year were:

1. Cecilie of Greece and Denmark and the tragic plane crash

2. The Mother of Alexander the Great: Olympias

3. Rani of Jhansi – the best and bravest of all

4. Hurrem Sultan – Suleiman’s True Love

5. The Ruin of a Princess – Marie-Thérèse of France

6. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon – From Duchess to Queen (Part 2)

7. Soraya – The sad story of a Queen

8. The tragedy of Queen Alia

9. Alexandra of Denmark: The rags to riches Queen

10. Queen Dangyeong – The seven day Queen

Visitors came from these top 10 countries:

  1. United States (48,65%)
  2. United Kingdom (10,23%)
  3. India (5,02%)
  4. Canada (4,72%)
  5. Australia (4,28%)
  6. Philippines (1,46%)
  7. Germany (1,24%)
  8. Netherlands (1,12%)
  9. Singapore (0,97%)
  10. France (0,93%)

A total of 76,7% of visitors were female. The largest age group was 25-34 (20,58%).

In the year 2018, we did a total of 29 book reviews.


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