Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden
Christina Magdalena of the Palatinate-Zweibrücken

Queens Regnant – Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden

Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden was born on 23 January 1688 as the youngest child of Charles XI of Sweden and Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark. She had an older sister and an older brother. Her mother died in 1693, and she and her siblings were raised by their grandmother Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp. Her grandmother thought [read more]

The Netherlands

Queens Regnant – Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

The future Queen Wilhelmina was born on 31 August 1880 in The Hague as the daughter of King William III and his second wife Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont. William had previously been married to Sophie of Württemburg, the two had three sons but were as unmatched as possibly could be. Sophie had died in [read more]

Book Reviews

December Book News

Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou and the Wars of the Roses: From Contemporary Chronicles, Letters and Records Paperback – February 19, 2016 (US) &  December 31, 2015 (UK) Henry VI (1422-61), a man ‘more given to God and devout prayer than handling worldly and temporal things’, was the third, and least successful, Lancastrian king of [read more]