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Book News Week 39

*contains affiliate links* Book news week 39: 25 September – 1 October 2023 Meiji Japan in Global History Paperback – 25 September 2023 (US) The Royal Heritage Cookbook: Recipes From High Society and the Royal Court  Paperback – 26 September 2023 (US) [no image yet] Queens, Regents, Mistresses: Reflections on Extracting Elite Women’s Stories from [read more]

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Book News October 2022

*contains affiliate links* The Real Queen Charlotte: Inside the Real Bridgerton Court  Hardcover – 31 August 2022 (UK) & 30 October 2022 (US) Known to millions as the imperious matriarch of Bridgerton’s court, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was still a teenager when she was chosen to be the bride of King George III. Shy, innocent, and [read more]

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Book News September 2022

*contains affiliate links* Ena and Bee: Queen Victoria’s Spanish Granddaughters  Hardcover – 28 May 2022 (UK) & 7 September 2022 (US) Princess Victoria Eugenia (Ena) of Battenberg and Princess Beatrice (Bee) of Saxe-Coburg, granddaughters of Queen Victoria of England, married into the Spanish royal family. In 1906, Ena became the consort of King Alfonso XIII, [read more]

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Book News June 2021

*contains affiliate links* Queen Victoria: This Thorny Crown (Spiritual Lives)  Hardcover – 8 June 2021 (US) & 8 April 2021 (UK) This biography evokes the pervasive importance of religion to Queen Victoria’s life but also that life’s centrality to the religion of Victorians around the globe. The first comprehensive exploration of Victoria’s religiosity, it shows [read more]