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Ena and Bee: Queen Victoria’s Spanish Granddaughters 

Hardcover – 28 May 2022 (UK) & 7 September 2022 (US)

Princess Victoria Eugenia (Ena) of Battenberg and Princess Beatrice (Bee) of Saxe-Coburg, granddaughters of Queen Victoria of England, married into the Spanish royal family. In 1906, Ena became the consort of King Alfonso XIII, who had been sovereign since his birth in 1886. Three years later, Bee married his cousin, Infante Don Alfonso. Ena’s marriage proved unhappy with the ill-health of her haemophiliac sons and her husband’s infidelities. The king abdicated in 1931, and they led separate lives in exile until he died in 1941. Bee and her husband Ali were more popular, although personal differences between them and the king resulted in their temporary exile for the first years of their marriage; they later returned to Spain, staying there for the rest of their lives. Bee died in 1966 and Ena three years later. This dual biography, written by Ana de Sagrera with additional material from Doña Beatriz, Bee’s granddaughter, looks in depth at the friendship of the mutually supportive cousins against the often turbulent background of twentieth-century Spanish politics.

In the Shadow of the Empress: The Defiant Lives of Maria Theresa, Mother of Marie Antoinette, and Her Daughters

Paperback – 20 September 2022 (US & UK)

The vibrant, sprawling saga of Empress Maria Theresa—one of the most renowned women rulers in history—and three of her extraordinary daughters, including Marie Antoinette, the doomed queen of France.

Secrets of Royal Women: Fascinating Biographies of Princesses, Queens, Duchesses, and other Regal Women 

Paperback – 13 September 2022 (US) & 13 October 2022 (UK)

Enjoy this engaging collection of biographical vignettes highlighting the secret lives of royal women like Queen Anne, Queen Noor, Princess Grace Kelly, and many other phenomenal women.

Off with Her Head: Three Thousand Years of Demonizing Women in Power 

Hardcover – 6 September 2022 (US & UK)

New York Times bestseller Eleanor Herman, author of Sex with Kings and Sex with Presidents, returns with another work of popular history, exploring the history of misogyny against women with power from Cleopatra to Kamala Harris.

Princess Mary: The First Modern Princess 

Paperback – 1 September 2022 (UK)

From her dedication to the war effort to her role as the family peacemaker during the Abdication Crisis, Mary was the princess who redefined the title for the modern age. In the first biography in decades, Elisabeth Basford offers a fresh appraisal of Mary’s full and fascinating life.

The Tudors in Love: The Courtly Code Behind the Last Medieval Dynasty 

Paperback – 1 September 2022 (UK)

In this groundbreaking history, Sarah Gristwood reveals the way courtly love made and marred the Tudor dynasty. From Henry VIII declaring himself as the ‘loyal and most assured servant’ of Anne Boleyn to the poems lavished on Elizabeth I by her suitors, the Tudors re-enacted the roles of the devoted lovers and capricious mistresses first laid out in the romances of medieval literature. The Tudors in Love dissects the codes of love, desire and power, unveiling romantic obsessions that have shaped the history of this nation.

Princesses on the Wards: Royal Women in Nursing Through Wars and Revolutions 

Paperback – 1 September 2022 (UK)

Queens and princesses have always shown care and compassion, but many went much further. They were not afraid to roll
up their sleeves, work in wards or help in field hospitals and operating theatres, despite their sheltered upbringings. Through
wars and revolutions across Europe, their experiences were similar to those of thousands of other nurses, but this is the first time that their involvement in nursing and the extent of their influence on the profession has been detailed in full.

Queen Elizabeth I: Life and Legacy of the Virgin Queen 

Hardcover – 30 September 2022 (UK) & 30 November 2022 (US)

 In this magnificently illustrated book, we see her birthplace at Greenwich Palace, her childhood homes, her prison in the Tower of London, the palaces she lived in, ruins of stately homes she visited, such as Gorhambury House, Kenilworth House, Upnor Castle and the Elizabethan town walls at Berwick, the many fortifications built during her reign to defend her realm, through to her final resting place in Westminster Abbey.

Mortal Monarchs: 1000 Years of Royal Deaths 

Hardcover – 29 September 2022 (UK & US)

How the monarchs of England and Scotland met their deaths has been a wonderful mixture of violence, infections, overindulgence and occasional regicide. In Mortal Monarchs, medical historian Dr Suzie Edge examines 1,000 years of royal deaths to uncover the plots, accusations, rivalries, and ever-present threat of poison that the kings and queens of old faced.

The Beauforts: Lineage, Ambition and Obligation 1373-1510 

Hardcover – 15 September 2022 (UK) & 15 January 2023 (US)

Four bastard children of John of Gaunt and his mistress Katherine Swynford vigorously made their way in the world despite their questionable origin, and when all four were retrospectively declared legitimate, they were each set on course for advancement. Following the coup in 1399, when their half-brother became King Henry IV, the Beauforts were placed at the centre of government, and for three generations, they served the Lancastrian monarchy in its grandiose ambitions and in its decline to eventual extinction.

She is But a Woman: Queenship in Scotland 1424–1463 

Paperback – 1 September 2022 (UK)

She is but a Woman, the first in-depth study of medieval Scottish queens, investigates the relationship between gender and power in the medieval Scottish court by exploring the art of queenship as practised by Joan Beaufort and Mary of Guelders, queens of James I and James II.

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