New TV series “Queens” set to air in 2017

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Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I are set to appear in a new mini-series from RTVE, Spain’s public broadcaster. The series is a six-parter, which was partly filmed in Edinburgh and is in English to aim for a larger international audience.

Mary, Queen of Scots, is to be portrayed by Olivia Chenery, an English actress, who said the role had been an “exciting voyage of discovery which I enjoyed very much. Our parts, apart from being queens, are women and that is the most fascinating thing.” Her rival, Queen Elizabeth I, will be portrayed by Rebecca Scott, who said “Elizabeth is an icon in our country, so it is a huge responsibility for an English actress to play this part. The challenge was to find my own interpretation for a role that has been performed by great actresses before. The thing that I like about this series is that both queens are incredibly human, with their own fears, passions and sorrows.”

The first episode begins when the recently widowed Mary, Queen of Scots returns to her native Scotland after being away for 13 years.  “Brought up at one of the most exquisite courts of Europe,” the broadcaster said, “Maria arrived in her poor and small country divided by religious conflict and constant rebellions between troubled clans and Scottish nobles.”

No exact date for release has been announced.

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