Maria Kunigunde of Saxony

The Princesses of Essen Minster

Essen Minster was founded in 845 by the Bishop of Hildesheim. The present building, although reconstructed after the Second World War, was built after 1275. The abbey was ruled by an abbess, who was often of noble or royal descent. Gerswid I (about 850; relative of Saint Altfrid) Gerswid II (about 880) Adalwi (d. 895) [read more]

The Royal Women

The Princess-Abbesses of Thorn Abbey

In a small city in the south of the Netherlands lies Thorn Abbey, which once upon a time was an Imperial Abbey of the Holy Roman Empire. It was probably founded around 900-1000, sources differ on the exact date. The imperial immediacy of the abbey was confirmed in 1292. It had special imperial protection under Emperor [read more]