Isabella of Aragon – A lost legacy (Part one)

The future Queen Isabella I of Castile had made a daring choice by marrying the future King Ferdinand II of Aragon against the wishes of her half-brother King Henry IV of Castile and even proudly displayed the bloodstained sheets to the waiting officials after the wedding night. Isabella and her half-brother had a volatile relationship [read more]


Constance of Béarn’s unlucky marriages

Constance of Béarn was born between 1245 and 1255 as the daughter of Gaston VII, Viscount of Béarn and his first wife Martha of Marsan. Her exact birthdate is not known, but she was most likely the eldest of four daughters as she inherited her mother’s estates when she died. This would have made her [read more]


Marie of Montpellier – Heiress of Montpellier

Marie of Montpellier was born around 1182 as the daughter of  William VIII, Lord of Montpellier and Eudokia Komnene, a niece of Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos. A condition of the marriage was that the firstborn child of the marriage, boy or girl, would succeed to the Lordship upon William’s death. Thus, Marie was the heiress [read more]

Petronilla of Aragon
Agnes of Aquitaine

Queens Regnant – Petronilla of Aragon

The situation surrounding Petronilla’s birth is a strange one. Her father Ramiro was the brother of Alfonso I of Aragon, and he was the bishop of Barbastro-Roda. However, Alfonso died childless in 1134, and he left the crown to the three religious, military orders. However, his wish was not respected, and the aristocracy of Navarre [read more]