Places To Visit

The Oldenburg Mausoleum at the Gertrudenfriedhof

The Oldenburg Mausoleum at the Gertrudenfriedhof was constructed from 1785 upon the death in childbirth of 20-year-old Frederica of Württemberg, the wife of the future Peter I, Grand Duke of Oldenburg. She was the first to be buried there upon completion in 1790. The mausoleum was built on the edge of the cemetery grounds and [read more]

Máxima of the Netherlands

Taking a look at Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti was born on 17 May 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta (a government official and advisor) and María del Carmen Cerruti de Zorreguieta. The Queen’s maiden last names follow Spanish naming customs where the child takes their father’s last name (Zorreguieta) and their mother’s last name (Cerruti). In most [read more]

Blanche of Burgundy

Royal Women and the Black Death

The Black Death peaked in Europe between the years 1347 and 1353.  It was the most fatal pandemic in human history, killing millions.  Not even royals were safe from this.  During these years, a handful of royals died from the bubonic plague.  Here are some royal women who died during these years.  For some of [read more]