Joan as portrayed in Isabel
Joan of Portugal

The Year of Isabella I of Castile – Joan of Portugal, A Queen in an impossible situation (Part one)

The future Queen of Castile and sister-in-law to Queen Isabella I of Castile, Joan of Portugal, was born on 31 March 1439 as the daughter of Edward, King of Portugal, and Eleanor of Aragon. Four elder siblings also survived to adulthood: Afonso, King of Portugal, Ferdinand, Duke of Viseu, Eleanor, later Holy Roman Empress, and [read more]

vladimir tiara
Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

The Vladimir Tiara

The Vladimir Tiara is described as follows, “The intersecting brilliant-set circles of the frame are hung with 15 large claw-set pendant pearls, which can be replaced with emerald drops.” Embed from Getty Images The tiara was created for Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna (born Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin), probably around the time of her marriage to Grand [read more]

wedding anne princess royal
Anne Princess Royal and Princess of Orange

Royal Wedding Recollections – Anne, Prince Royal & William IV, Prince of Orange

On 25 March 1734 (New Style), Anne, Princess Royal, married William IV, Prince of Orange, at St James’s Chapel. Anne was the daughter of George II, King of Great Britain and Caroline of Ansbach. The marriage was meant to improve the relationship between the Dutch Republic and England, which had been bad since the War [read more]