Results of “Yekaterinburg remains” DNA-testing once again delayed

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Although it had previously been announced that the results of the DNA-tests currently being conducted on the “Yekaterinburg remains”, or the remains of Emperor Nicholas II, Alexandra Feodorovna and their five children, would be announced in the second quarter of 2017, they have been delayed until November 2017 without an obvious reason.

A meeting has been set for the end of November 2017, where Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Curch will announce the results into the authenticity of the remains. A great-grandson of Emperor Alexander III, Paul Kulikovsky said, “Now we pray that the Patriarch will announce positive results so that we can come to an understanding and acceptation of what happened in 1918. For our family, there is no other conclusion possible; the remains belong to those of the Imperial family.”



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  1. On the dna remains delay :
    If there was any doubt as to the authenticity of the Yakaterinburg remains why where they sanctified ? It is unnerving to think that there may be imposters running around heaven.

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