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six the musical
Photo by Moniek Bloks

The six wives of King Henry VIII of England are reclaiming their place in history, not just as the wives, but as their own person with their own stories to tell. And it wouldn’t be the 21st century if this wasn’t poured into an electric, funky musical with a fair bit of irony and sarcasm.

I visited the Vaudeville theatre in London on 12 May for an afternoon performance of SIX. Despite it being a random Thursday afternoon, the theatre seemed to be almost completely sold out. I had already raided the merchandise stand beforehand and scored myself a beanie and the Aragon and Boleyn pins. Kudos to merchandising done right, by the way. The collection also included things like mugs and t-shirts, and everything looked fantastic.

I had listened to the soundtrack beforehand and was thus able to sing along throughout. The women who portrayed the Six Queens were all amazing singers and performers. I loved the costumes, but I do wonder if they were comfortable to dance in! They often engaged with the audience and seemed to love being there.

Overall, I had a great night with a touch of history, and I’d highly recommend going if this is playing near you. They are currently in London until at least April 2023, but there is also a Broadway version that appears to be running until at least November 2022.

We were allowed to “take out our phones” at the end so here‘s a short clip of the performance.

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