Review: SIX the Musical

The six wives of King Henry VIII of England are reclaiming their place in history, not just as the wives, but as their own person with their own stories to tell. And it wouldn’t be the 21st century if this wasn’t poured into an electric, funky musical with a fair bit of irony and sarcasm. [read more]

Royal Media

Review: Diana and Sons the Musical

Diana, Princess of Wales, has remained a popular topic for documentaries, films and even musicals. While the Broadway musical Diana: The Musical is set to premiere next week, the Dutch-language musical Diana and Sons made its debut just last month in Amsterdam. Diana and Sons (Diana en Zonen in Dutch) starts just as Prince Harry [read more]

Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Anastasia The Musical Review

Most will remember the 1997 film Anastasia in which Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia escapes from the clutches of an evil zombified Rasputin as the only one in her family. The story is based upon the legend that Anastasia somehow escaped the murder of her family (which we now know she didn’t) and the many [read more]