The Prinzenpalais in Oldenburg

Photo by Moniek Bloks

The Prinzenpalais in Oldenburg began its life in 1826 as a residence for the orphaned grandchildren of Peter I, Grand Duke of Oldenburg, the sons of Duke George of Oldenburg (died 1812) and Catherine Pavlovna of Russia (died 1819) but they only lived in the palace for three years.

In 1852, the future Peter II, Grand Duke of Oldenburg took up residence in the Prinzenpalais, and he married Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg the following year and he became Grand Duke that same year. However, after Peter, the building was used in many different ways. It was a military hospital, a school and a land registry office. It was then extensively renovated and restored to its former glory. It opened as a part of the Landesmuseum in 2003.

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Many original features still survive but many appear to be in bad shape. It certainly needs some new loving. You can visit it together with Schloss Oldenburg and the Augusteum with a day ticket. Also, there is very little attention to the palace’s former life, not even a little leaflet is to be found. Such a shame!

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