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The Prinzenpalais in Oldenburg

The Prinzenpalais in Oldenburg began its life in 1826 as a residence for the orphaned grandchildren of Peter I, Grand Duke of Oldenburg, the sons of Duke George of Oldenburg (died 1812) and Catherine Pavlovna of Russia (died 1819) but they only lived in the palace for three years. In 1852, the future Peter II, [read more]

Adelheid of Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym

Schloss Oldenburg – Memories of resplendence

Schloss Oldenburg stands in the centre of the city of Oldenburg in Germany and served as the residence of the Counts, Dukes and finally, the Grand Dukes of Oldenburg. The oldest part dates from 1607 and it was Anthony Günther, Count of Oldenburg who wanted to develop the medieval buildings into a palace with four [read more]