Royal Crowns at the Diamond Museum

Photo by Moniek Bloks

I knew never the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam held such treasures, but unfortunately, my dreams were shattered when I learned that all items are replicas. Nevertheless, they are beautiful, and many of which I would never have seen otherwise.

Gift for Queen Wilhelmina’s 9th birthday from her father
Brooch for the investiture of Queen Wilhelmina
Queen Mary II’s diamond
Queen Maxima’s wedding tiara
Queen Wilhelmina’s diamond
Bracelet watch for Queen Juliana
Diamond engraved with a portrait for Queen Emma

The Orlov, a gift to Catherine the Great

The Koh-I-Noor, now part of the Crown Jewels
The Wittelsbach diamond, once belonged to Margaret Theresa of Spain (Holy Roman Empress)
Crown of Queen Kapiolani of Hawaii
Crown of Mary of Teck
Regal circlet of Queen Elizabeth II
St. Edward’s Crown
Mary of Modena’s state crown
Mary of Modena’s circlet
Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen’s Crown (Bavaria)
Mary II’s Coronation Ring
Gertrude of Hohenburg’s burial crown (Germany)
Catherine Stenbock’s burial crown (Sweden)
Bridal tiara of Queen Elizabeth II
Bridal tiara of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Saishi of Empress Michiko
Tiara from the Russian Imperial Treasure
Queen Victoria’s crown

The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam is near the Rijksmuseum and easily accessible by public transport. The entrance fee is €10. Although it was interesting, it was quite a shame that everything is a replica. Also, a lot of the information appeared to be incorrect.

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  1. Even as replicas, these treasures are amazing. Some I had only seen descriptions of but could never find a photograph, painting, or engraving – Mary of Modena’s crowns for example. And yes, there are a couple of errors in labelling, like the Imperial State Crown listed as St Edward’s. Thank you so much for posting these lovely photographs!

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