Romanov descendants seek proper burial of last Russian Emperor’s children

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The Romanov family would like Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria to be honourably buried in the cathedral in St. Petersburg’s Peter and Paul Fortress, with their parents and sisters, said Prince Rostislav Rostislavovich in an interview with TASS on the occasion of the centennial of Nicholas II’s abdication.

“In different countries, monarchies came to an end in different ways, but in Russia, the end was particularly tragic. The shock that it caused made all of Russia suffer,” he said.

He also added that the UK “could not foresee the consequences” when it refused to provide refuge to the Russian emperor. He added that Nicholas II “would have never left Russia.”

The family considers it their Christian duty to ensure the burial of the Emperor’s children, whose remains were only found in 2007. The late head of the family (disputed), Prince Dimitry Romanovich, who died on 31 December 2016, also believed that the emperor’s children should be laid to rest alongside their parents and sisters.

“Dimitry Romanovich hoped that this tragic page in Russia’s history would be turned during his lifetime.”

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