Charlotte of Cyprus

Helena Palaiologina and her rival

Helena was born on 3 February 1428 as the daughter of Theodore II Palaiologos (Despot in the Morea) and Cleofa Malatesta at the Castle of Mistras in Greece. She was to be their only child. She was just five years old when her mother died, but not much else is known of her youth. On her 14th birthday, she married [read more]

charlotte cyprus
Charlotte of Cyprus

Queens Regnant – Charlotte of Cyprus

Charlotte of Cyprus was born on 28 June 1444 in Nicosia as the eldest and ultimately only surviving legitimate child of King John II of Cyprus and Helena Palaiologina. She had a younger sister Cleopha, who died young. She had an illegitimate half-brother James, who was the son of her father’s Greek mistress, Marietta de Patras. [read more]

Catherine Cornaro
Caterina Corner

Queens Regnant – Catherine Cornaro of Cyprus

Catherine Cornaro was most definitely not born to be a Queen, let alone a Queen regnant. She was born on 25 November 1454 as the daughter of Nobile Huomo Marco Cornaro and Fiorenza Crispo. Her father was a great-grandson of Marco Cornaro, Doge of Venice. The title Doge is derived from the Latin Dux. The Doges of [read more]