The last will of Queen Mary I

On 30 March 1558, Mary was in the full belief that she would soon give birth and knowing how dangerous that could be, she dictated her will. Perhaps one of the things dearest to her was to be reunited with her mother in death, and so she requested that her mother’s remains be moved from [read more]

henry vii chapel
Burial places of the Queens and Consorts of England

500th Anniversary of Completion of Henry VII’s Lady Chapel Celebrated at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the completion of the Henry VII’s Lady Chapel in style. Henry VII began lavish works on the chapel in 1503, but it wasn’t completed until 1516, nearly seven years after his death. The chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the monks of Westminster sang a [read more]

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn – a good French Woman

When Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536, a shockwave went through Europe’s courts, and not all were convinced of Anne’s guilt. The following letter is from Mary of Hungary, who was the niece of Catherine of Aragon and was, therefore, no friend of Anne’s. Though she doesn’t seem to think Anne was guilty she, like the [read more]

Isabella II of Jerusalem
Isabella II of Jerusalem

Queens Regnant – Isabella II of Jerusalem

Isabella II of Jerusalem’s reign would begin tragically early. Isabella, or Yolande of Brienne as she is sometimes known, was born as the daughter of Maria of Montferrat and John of Brienne. Maria of Montferrat was the eldest daughter of Isabella I of Jerusalem. Maria was Queen of Jerusalem in her own right from 1205 [read more]

Book Reviews

April Book News

The Empress of Art: Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia Hardcover –  April 4, 2016 (US) & May 13, 2016 (UK) Ruthless and passionate, Catherine the Great is singularly responsible for amassing one of the most awe-inspiring collections of art in the world and turning St. Petersburg in to a world wonder.  The Empress [read more]