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Anna of Tyrol

Anna of Tyrol – The working Empress

Anna of Tyrol was born on 4 October 1585 as the third and last daughter of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Further Austria, and Count of Tyrol, and his second wife and niece, Anna Caterina Gonzaga (also known as Anna Juliana Gonzaga). From her father’s first (morganatic) marriage to Philippine Welser, she had two half-brothers who [read more]

Anna of Tyrol

The Imperial Crypt in Vienna, Austria

The Imperial Crypt (or Kaisergruft) in Vienna is certainly one of Vienna’s hidden treasures. It was founded in 1618 and has been the principal place of burial for members of the House of Habsburgs. It contains the bones of 145 people, plus four urns containing hearts or cremated remains. Not all are visible. It’s quite [read more]