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Book review: Tea with Hitler: The Secret History of the Royal Family and the Third Reich by Dean Palmer

*contains affiliate links* The story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s (suspected) involvement with the Nazis has been told time and time again. True, they went on a ‘state visit’ to Germany in 1937, which probably wasn’t the brightest idea, but there is little hard evidence for actual treason. Nevertheless, the rumours have continued [read more]

anna tyrol
Anna of Tyrol

Anna of Tyrol – The working Empress

Anna of Tyrol was born on 4 October 1585 as the third and last daughter of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Further Austria, and Count of Tyrol, and his second wife and niece, Anna Caterina Gonzaga (also known as Anna Juliana Gonzaga). From her father’s first (morganatic) marriage to Philippine Welser, she had two half-brothers who [read more]

claire luxembourg
Claire Lademacher

A look at Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Born in Filderstadt, West Germany, to Hartmut and Gabriele Lademacher, the future Princess Claire was their second child after their son, Felix. Claire Margareta Lademacher was born on 21 March 1985 into a wealthy German family. Her father is the founder of LHS Telekommunikation and made his fortune by investing in the software industry. Until [read more]