Gunilla Bielke

Gunilla Bielke – A controversial Queen

This article was written by Sophie Strid. Gunilla Bielke was born Gunilla Johansdotter Bielke of Åkerö on 25 June 1568. The daughter of a former governor, Gunilla was orphaned at an early age and raised at the royal court. She spent her days playing with the King of Sweden’s daughter and would eventually become maid-of-honor [read more]

Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

Thousands of private letters to last German Empress discovered

A forgotten cabinet in Potsdam’s New Palace has been hiding thousands of letters that had been written to the last Empress of Germany, Augusta Victoria. The New Palace in Potsdam has been undergoing renovations for several years now, which lead to the discovery of the letters. The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation (SPSG) announced that [read more]

Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Hanover

The Kingdom of Hanover began its life in 1814, before then it had been the Electorate of Hanover. The Electorate had been in personal union with the Kingdom of Great Britain when the Elector of Hanover succeeded as King George I of Great Britain through the Act of Settlement 1701. His mother was Sophia, a granddaughter [read more]