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Hello! My name is Sophie, I’m from Sweden and currently a business student living in northern Spain. I previously studied Fashion and Art History at Stockholm University and Uppsala University. I have always been fascinated by women in history, and their significance for fashion, art, and literature from the 16th century until today. My favorite eras would be the Victorian and the 1920’s. I also have a great interest in European royalty, especially my country’s royal history. In my spare time, I love watching biographical documentaries and period dramas, and read anything by Jane Austen.

Margaret of Connaught – A royal ray of sunshine

December 7, 2017 Sophie 1

Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte Norah was born 15 January 1882 at Bagshot Park in Surrey, England. Her parents were Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, and Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia. She had two younger siblings, Arthur and Patricia. Known as “Daisy” to family and friends, Margaret was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and grew up [read more]

Sofia of Nassau – The Blue Duchess

December 2, 2017 Sophie 0

Sophia Wilhelmina Mariana Henrietta was born on 9 July 1836, at Biebrich Castle in Wiesbaden, Germany. Her parents were William, Duke of Nassau, and Princess Pauline of Württemberg. Rumours had it that the Duke terrorised the family with his moody personality, which was altered by a drinking problem. He died when Sophia was only three [read more]

Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg – A Queen on the loose

November 25, 2017 Sophie 0

Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg was born 11 November 1599 in Königsberg, to parents John Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg, and his wife Anna, Duchess of Prussia. Her mother has been described as dominant, and she practised strict Lutheran orthodoxy. Maria Eleonora did not receive any formal education but showed great abilities in embroidery, drawing, and music.  Described [read more]

Victoria of Baden – A forbidden love

November 3, 2017 Sophie 0

Sophie Marie Viktoria was born on 7 August 1862, at Karlsruhe Castle in Baden, Germany. Her parents were Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden and Princess Louise of Prussia. Through her marriage to King Gustav V of Sweden, she was Queen from 1907 until her death in 1930. The couple married in 1881, shortly after [read more]

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