pauline bonaparte
Pauline Bonaparte

The Bonaparte Women – Pauline Bonaparte

Pauline Bonaparte was born on 20 October 1780 as the daughter of Letizia Ramolino and Carlo Buonaparte She was thus the sister of the future Emperor Napoleon. She was known as Paoletta in the family and was just four when her father passed away. She received very little education. At the age of 15, she became engaged to a [read more]

Amalia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Marie of Prussia – The lost Princess

Marie of Prussia was born on 14 September 1855 as the daughter of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia and Princess Maria Anna of Anhalt-Dessau. That day also happened to be her mother’s 18th birthday. “I must admire my little wife who was very steadfast and did not utter a peep”, wrote her father. Marie was never close to [read more]

Alice of the United Kingdom

Park Rosenhöhe – A tragic destiny

Park Rosenhöhe is located on a hill in Darmstadt and is the final resting place of several members of the Hesse-Darmstadt family. The park contains a small cemetery and two mausoleums. At the very beginning of the cemetery is the impressive angel tomb of Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine (1895–1903). She was the [read more]

Agnes of Aquitaine

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Aragon

House of Jiménez The Kingdom of Aragon began its life in 1035 when it was established as an independent Kingdom. Its first King was Ramiro I of Aragon, an illegitimate son of Sancho III of Pamplona. Ramiro’s first wife was Ermesinda of Bigorre, who was thus the first Queen of Aragon. They went on to have five [read more]