Anne of York Duchess of Exeter

Anne of York – Duchess of Exeter

Anne of York was born on 10 August 1439 as the daughter of Cecily Neville and Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York at Fotheringhay Castle. Her father probably wasn’t present around the time she was born. She would have a total of 12 siblings, though not all lived to adulthood. Two of her brothers would go [read more]

Elizabeth I

Greenwich Palace remains unearthed

Greenwich Palace, also known as the Palace of Placentia, once stood on the banks of the river Thames but was demolished in 1660 by King Charles II. Two future Queens were born at the Palace of Placentia, Queen Mary I and her half-sister Elizabeth I. The remains of beautiful lead-glazed tiles and a cellar with [read more]


Maria Elisabeth of Austria – Abbess of the Convent for Noble Ladies

Born as the sixth child of Maria Theresa and Francis of Lorraine, Maria Elisabeth Josepha, called Liesl by family, was born on 13 August 1743 in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Archduchy of Austria, Holy Roman Empire. She was born during a time of unrest. The Treaty of Breslau had just been signed a year earlier, and her mother crowned herself as Queen of Bohemia a few [read more]

Agnes of Burgundy

Agnes of Burgundy – A Monastic Patron

This article was written by Marie. Agnes of Burgundy was born in about 1007. Thanks to her parents,  Otto William of Burgundy and Ermengarde de Roucy, she was the granddaughter of a King of Italy and distantly related to the German imperial family. This royal blood made her a desirable bride, and it is why she [read more]

Diana Princess of Wales

Diana: Her Fashion Story

Kensington Palace was once the home of Diana, Princess of Wales and it currently houses a collection of her extraordinary collection of garments with the aim of telling the story of her life through her clothes. Eleri Lynn, curator of ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’, said: “Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most photographed [read more]