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Marie Antoinette’s Darkest Days: Prisoner No. 280 in the Conciergerie Hardcover – 1 Dec 2016 (UK & US) This compelling book begins on the 2nd of August 1793, the day Marie Antoinette was torn from her family’s arms and escorted from the Temple to the Conciergerie, a thick-walled fortress turned prison. It was also known as the [read more]

Maria Kunigunde of Saxony

The Princesses of Essen Minster

Essen Minster was founded in 845 by the Bishop of Hildesheim. The present building, although reconstructed after the Second World War, was built after 1275. The abbey was ruled by an abbess, who was often of noble or royal descent. Gerswid I (about 850; relative of Saint Altfrid) Gerswid II (about 880) Adalwi (d. 895) [read more]

Queen Seondeok
Jindeok of Silla

The three Queens of Silla

Silla was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, and it lasted for 992 years. During its long years, three Queens regnant ruled the lands. Today it is part of both North and South Korea. Seondeok of Silla Seondeok was the daughter of King Jinpyeong of Silla and Queen Maya. She was born at an unknown date. Before [read more]


Valentina Visconti – Waiting for justice

This article was written by Carol. Valentina was born about 1370, the daughter of Gian Galleazo Visconti, Duke of Milan and the French princess Isabella de Valois. Valentina’s mother died in 1373, and she was mainly raised by her grandmother, Bianca of Savoy. Bianca was a cultured woman, and she passed on to Valentina a [read more]

isabeau bavaria
Blanche of France (1328 - 1382)

Queens Regent – Isabeau of Bavaria

A regent is “a person appointed to administer a state because the monarch is a minor, is absent or is incapacitated.” Isabeau of Bavaria was born circa 1370 as the daughter of Duke Stephen III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Taddea Visconti. She was first proposed as a bride for Charles VI of France in 1383. She was to [read more]