The Romanovs – 8 July 1918

Ipatiev House (public domain)

Counting down to 17 July 1918 when the family was murdered.

On 8 July 1918, the Romanovs were confronted with a group of strangers just as they emerged to use the bathrooms. Nicholas noted in his diary, “Inside the house new Latvians are standing guard.” The morning was cool after the storm yesterday. The new guards had been hired on the understanding that they would be prepared to execute the Tsar, if necessary. At this point, there was no mention of the execution of the rest of the family. The guards had been sworn to secrecy.1

Alexandra noted in her diary that the doctor had not been allowed to come see Alexei despite the family’s frequent requests. Despite this, “nothing particular happened.”2 Two more guard posts were added at the Ipatiev House and the family had been told the men were there fixing the electricity. Slowly, Ipatiev House was being turned into a fortress.3

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  1. The account on the last of the Romanovs makes me sigh with grief at this awful event. It is impossible to come to terms with this act of horror perpetrated only 100 years ago.

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