Clémentine of Belgium – Fighting for independence

Clémentine of Belgium was born on 30 July 1872 as the daughter of King Leopold II of Belgium and Marie Henriette of Austria. Her gender was a great disappointment to her parents, who had lost their only son in 1869. She was baptised on 3 September in the chapel of the Palace of Laeken. Her godmother Princess Clémentine of Orléans [read more]


Susan – The Titular Albanian Queen from Australia

Susan Cullen-Ward was born on 28 January 1941 in Sydney as the daughter of Alan Robert Cullen-Ward and his wife, Phyllis Dorothea Murray-Prior. Susan grew up on the New South Wales sheep station that her father owned and attended the Technical College in Sydney. In 1965, she married Richard William, but they were divorced without having had [read more]