The Romanovs – 15 July 1918

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Counting down to 17 July 1918 when the family was murdered.

On 15 July 1918, the delivery of food came at 7 am and came with the special order of plenty of eggs and a quart of milk. One of the Grand Duchesses had requested some sewing thread as well. Commandant Yurovsky had ordered the eggs for the men who would be joining him soon. He had been out in the forest discussing plans for the destruction and burial of the bodies of the Romanovs after they had killed them. That night there would be one final meeting to finalise the arrangements.1

Despite the rain, several of the family had gone outside into the garden. Alexandra had remained indoors and kept one of the Grand Duchesses with her to read to her. Four local women had come by in the morning to clean the floors. The women had been forbidden to speak to the family, and they found them playing bezique at the table, with Alexei sitting in the wheelchair.2 Despite the order, when Yurovsky left the room, the women whispered encouraging words to them.3

The women were never paid for their work. When they came to collect their pay four days later, there was no one there.4


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