The Romanovs – 13 July 1918

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Counting down to 17 July 1918 when the family was murdered.

On 13 July 1918, Alexei was finally well enough to take a bath. Alexandra spent yet another day lying in bed with pains in her back. Alexandra could hear the shots that were being fired just outside the Ipatiev House to crush a demonstration. 1

That evening, another storm passed over Yekaterinburg. Nicholas and Alexandra retired to their rooms to write in their diaries. Alexandra noted that the family had finally been told that Nagorny and Sednev, servants who had been taken from them in May, “had been sent out of this government.” It was a lie; the two men had been shot dead.2 Nicholas recorded bleakly, “Today, we have absolutely no news from outside.” It was the last entry he would write.3

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