The Romanovs – 11 July 1918

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Counting down to 17 July 1918 when the family was murdered.

On 11 July 1918, Yurovsky had kept the family waiting for their morning inspection as he ate cheese brought by nuns, who usually came by daily with food for the family. When the morning inspection was finally over and done with, three workmen arrived and began installing a heavy iron grating in front of the open window in the bedroom of Nicholas and Alexandra. Yurovsky had been losing his initial popularity with the family. Nicholas recorded in his diary, “We like this man less and less.” The grating was being installed after Alexandra had been standing too close to it, trying to catch the attention of the people below. Yurovsky had warned her not to do this, but she had ignored him.1

The guard duty book recorded, “Everything is the same.”2


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