The Queen to the German Crown Princess – 8 May 1872

(public domain)

Buckingham Palace, 8 May 1872

I am most thankful to hear you are going on so satisfactorily. I never thought you cared (having 3 of each) whether it was a son or a daughter; indeed I think many Princes a great misfortune – for they are in one another’s and almost everybody’s way. I am sure it is the case here – and dear Papa felt this so much that he was always talking of establishing if possible one or two of your brothers and eventual grandchildren (of which I fear there is the prospect of a legion with but little money) in the colonies. I don’t dislike babies, though I think very young ones rather disgusting, and I take interest in those of my children when there are two or three – and of people who are dear to me and whom I am fond of – but when they come at the rate of three a year it becomes a cause of mere anxiety for my own children and of no great interest. What name is this fourth daughter to have?

This day I gave the dear Empress (who is so very kind) my Order as I have always wished to do – and with which she was very much pleased and quite touched by it and greatly surprised too. She was very much pleased with the Afternoon Party which I thought very tiring and tiresome – however, it pleased and satisfied people and now I have done everything for this year. This afternoon we are going to the first part of the concert in the Albert Hall where Gounod directs; then we come back here and go back to Windsor at half past 6.1


  1. Roger Fulford – Darling Child, Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the German Crown Princess 1871 – 1878

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