From Queen Victoria to the German Crown Princess – 6 March 1873

(public domain)

Windsor Castle – 6 March 1873

I wonder Alice1 is not frightened to go so far away from little Fritzie2 with that sad prosperity to bleeding. Since ’62 I have never been any distance from Leopold.3 At least no place which could not be reached within 24 hours and that only once! Tennyson (whose fine Epilogue no doubt you have seen) is coming here today to see me and I am going to show the Mausoleum to him.

The Prince Imperial came to luncheon here on Tuesday. He is a very dear, nice boy – with such charming manners – reminding me much of his father and yet he is like her too. The tears come to his eyes whenever he speaks of the Emperor. His nose is getting like the Emperor’s and the shape of his head as well as the colour of his eyes – but the shape of his eyelids, and eyebrows and his smile – a very sweet one – are the Empress’s. His hair is very dark.

The Irish University Bill suddenly threatens a crisis.4

  1. Her daughter Princess Alice
  2. Alice’s son had haemophilia
  3. Her son Prince Leopold
  4. Roger Fulford – Darling Child, Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the German Crown Princess 1871 – 1878

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