The last letter from Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – 6 January 1901

(public domain)

The Queen to the Empress Frederick – Osborne,  6 January 1901

I am so grieved to see by your dear letters that your hands trouble you so. It is very troublesome (that they) hurt you so much. I attempt to write myself (instead of dictating). I don’t suffer from my eyes, only the sight is rather bad since I have been rather poorly but I hope it will soon be much better. I gave your message to Lord Roberts who was greatly gratified. There were great crowds to receive him and both Beatrice and Arthur1 went out to receive him. He is looking well and was greatly gratified. Then I gave him the Garter and told him he was to be an Earl… I must, I fear, end for today to save the post.

God bless you, darling child.2

The last letter preserved by the Empress Frederick is a letter from 5 October 1900. Empress Frederick was already ill by this time and only outlived her mother for seven months – dying on 5 August 1901.

  1. Queen Victoria’s son and daughter
  2. Beloved and Darling Child – Edited by Agatha Ramm

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