Queen Victoria in her Journal – 28 March 1884

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Queen Victoria in her Journal – 28 March 1884

Another awful blow has fallen upon me and all of us today. My beloved Leopold, that bright, clever son, who had so many times recovered from such fearful illnesses, and from various small accidents, has been taken from us.1 To lose another dear child, far from me2, and one who was gifted, and such a help to me, is too dreadful! Am utterly crushed. How dear he was to me, how I had watched over him! Oh! What grief, and that poor loving young wife3, who has been kept on her sofa, more or less since the middle of January, for fear of any accident, how may this news affect her! Too, too dreadful!

The poor dear boy’s life had been a very tried one, from early childhood! He was such a darling companion, so entirely the ‘child of the house’… I went back to rest a little, feeling stunned, bewildered, and wretched. I am a poor desolate old woman, and my cup of sorrows overflows! Oh! God, in his mercy, spare my other dear children!4

  1. Prince Leopold was a haemophiliac
  2. He died in Cannes
  3. Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont
  4. Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals

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