Queen Victoria and Prince Albert drawings of children to go on display for the first time

queen victoria and children
Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their children (public domain)

Queen Victoria’s drawings of her children are to go on display for the first time. The etchings were made in the early years of her marriage to Prince Albert and will be exhibited by the British Museum in London to mark the bicentenary of both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from July until September. The museum curators say that the etchings show the royal family “in a completely different light.”

The exhibition will consist of 20 artworks by both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and they often depict domestic scenes in Windsor and Claremont. They only wanted their pieces to be seen by close friends and family, but King George donated them to the British Museum in 1926.

Sheila O’Connell, the curator of prints and drawings at the British Museum, said: “As parents, both Victoria and Albert have been much criticised, but these images show them in a completely different light. The scenes Victoria depicts in her drawings show her to be a very affectionate mother, and it’s clear that both she and Albert enjoyed spending time with their children. We’re delighted that we can now put these works on display for the first time since King George V donated them to us. It is the perfect way to celebrate 200 years since the birth of these towering figures of British history, who were also enthusiastic artists.”

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