Princess Victoria in her journal – 24 May 1833

Princess Victoria in 1833 (public domain)

Today is my birthday. I am today fourteen years old! How very old!! I awoke at half-past five and got up at half-past 7. I received from Mamma a lovely hyacinth brooch and china pen tray. From Uncle Leopold a very kind letter, also one from sister Feodora. I gave Mamma a little ring. From Lehzen I got a pretty little china figure and a lovely china basket. I gave her a golden chain…

At half past 7, we went to a Juvenile Ball that was given in honour of my birthday at St. James’s by the King and Queen. We went into the Closet. Soon after, the doors were opened, and the King leading me went into the ballroom… I danced (with several young gentlemen) We then went to supper. It was half-past 11; the King leading me again. I sat between the King and Queen. We left supper soon. My health was drunk… I danced in all 8 quadrilles. We came home at half-past 12. I was very much amused.1

  1. Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals

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